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Problem Report 0086 Details

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Report 0086 Actions

    Problem Report Number 0086
    Submitter's Classification Certification System problem
    State SA Review
    Resolution No Resolution Given
    Problem Resolution ID No Resolution ID Given
    Raised 2020-04-24 07:56
    Updated 2020-04-30 16:16
    Requirements Open CA Certification Conformance Requirements Version 1.2
    Certification Program Open CA Certification Program
    Problem Summary Issue: Lack of re-certification Package for Open CA L2 - Master Enterprise Architect.
    Problem Text "Master Enterprise Architect" is not available as an option to select, for applicants to seeking
    to re-certify at Open CA Level 2. Moreover, there does not appear to be a specific re-
    certification package for Open CA (L2) Master Enterprise Architects.

    Review Information

    Review Type CA Review
    Start Date 2020-04-24 15:56
    Last Updated 2020-04-30 16:16
    Completed 2020-04-30 16:16
    Status Complete
    Review Recommendation Withdrawn (WDN)
    Review Response Emailed candidate and apologised for lack of templates. CC'd JDR and SH

    This review is overdue

    Review Type SA Review
    Start Date 2020-04-30 16:16
    Status Active (due to complete by 2020-05-08 07:56)

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