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Problem Report 0055 Details

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Report 0055 Actions

    Problem Report Number 0055
    Submitter's Classification Specification problem
    State Resolved
    Resolution Interpretation (INT)
    Problem Resolution ID INT.ITDC.0021
    Raised 2014-04-11 23:56
    Updated 2014-05-12 14:21
    Published 2014-05-12 14:21
    Requirements Open CA Certification Conformance Requirements Version 1.2
    Certification Program Open CA Certification Program
    Specification Open CA Certification Conformance Requirements Version 1.2
    Location in Spec Section 6
    Problem Summary Requirements for Method recognition need clarification
    Problem Text We have recently had a number of request for Method recognition that show
    that our criteria and the associated template are not clear enough.

    Review Information

    Review Type SA Review
    Start Date 2014-04-11 23:56
    Last Updated 2014-04-25 16:01
    Completed 2014-04-25 16:01
    Status Complete
    Review Resolution Interpretation (INT)
    Review Conclusion The proposed changes should be incorporated in the Method Recognition
    template and applied to the Conformance Requirements in the next update.

    The Working group has considered this issue and proposes to add the
    following text to the introductory paragraph in Section 6:

    "For the purposes of these method recognition requirements, the word
    "architecture" is defined as the "fundamental concepts or properties of a
    system in its environment embodied in its elements, relationships, and in
    the principles of its design and evolution." (International Standard
    ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010-2011) For the method to be meaningful in this
    context, a key deliverable of the method must be an architecture
    description (defined in the standard as a "work product used to express
    an architecture").
    To be recognized, methods must enable or support "architecting" in its
    very essence and therefore distinguish themselves in their activities from
    engineering practices. To meet the recognition requirements the
    description of the method must demonstrate how interaction with the
    stakeholders is established while framing or delineating the problem
    space and making fundamental choices that impact the solution
    characteristics and/or its implementation.
    Some methods go beyond architecture. For example, they include project
    management, corporate authorization processes, implementation
    regulations, code generation techniques, etc. For the purposes of this
    recognition, the submitted information should primarily focus on
    demonstrating that the architecture related parts conform to the method
    recognition requirements, and not on the rest of the method"

    In addition,

    The "Well Formed" criterion should read:
    "The method must have explicitly defined inputs (including business
    needs), participants (including stakeholders), roles, process steps,
    outputs, results, and deliverables.

    The "Documented" criterion should read:
    The method must be well-documented and subject to consistent
    interpretation. This documentation comprises at least a specification of
    the method?s deliverables or results, and the process by which they are
    created (especially the architecture description). These specifications
    should be expressed with some rigor and detail.

    The "Documented" criterion's "How Demonstrated column should read:
    A copy of the Method?s documentation, a reference to publicly accessible
    on-line documentation, or representative extracts of the documentation

    The "Supporting Collateral" criterion's How Documented column should
    Examples of supporting collateral. At least one of the examples must be
    an architecture description.

    Add a footnote to the word "system" in the first paragraph above as follows: "A
    system is a collection of components organised to accomplish a specific function
    or set of functions."
    (IEEE 610.12-1990)"

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