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Problem Report 0051 Details

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Report 0051 Actions

    Problem Report Number 0051
    Submitter's Classification Specification problem
    State Resolved
    Resolution Evaluation Process Deficiency (EPD)
    Problem Resolution ID EPD.ITDC.0005
    Raised 2013-06-05 22:27
    Updated 2013-07-09 11:19
    Published 2013-07-09 11:19
    Requirements Open CA Certification Conformance Requirements Version 1.2
    Certification Program Open CA Certification Program
    Specification Open CA Certification Conformance Requirements Version 1.2
    Location in Spec Section 3.5
    Problem Summary After 8 years, the validity of the requested evidence in the Level 1 and
    Level 2 templates for PD01 and PD04 needs to be re-examined.
    Problem Text Conformance Requirements PD01 and PD04 were specified 8 years ago.
    The required evidence requested in the Level 1 and Level 2 templates
    was relevant at that time. Although, the intent of the Conformance
    Requirements remains unchanged, the requested evidence needs to be

    PD01 is intended to establish that the candidate has undertaken, "Training
    in the design and engineering of IT architectures." The Conformance
    Requirement, for both Levels 1 and 2, is, "Attendance at a taught course,
    or through self-study." However, in the Package Templates an additional
    constraint was added. For Level 1, that training had to be within the
    previous 3 years. For Level 2, that time limit was 5 years. The time limits
    were intended to ensure that the candidate's knowledge is not based on
    outdated concepts, procedures and methods.

    Those time limits are now proving problematic to many candidates. Their
    formal training in one, or more, architecture development methods was
    during an earlier stage of their career and, therefore, usually outside the
    time limits. It is unlikely that they will have had the opportunity recently to
    retake training on a complete method, or even full training on an alternative
    method. The more recent training that keeps their architectural abilities up-
    to-date usually comprises training in techniques, components, patterns,
    etc. that can be incorporated into the architectures. However, the true
    place for that information in the package is in the Training Courses
    category of PD04. In fact many candidates, put the same courses into that
    category as they do into PD01.

    a. The time limit is removed from PD01 (or it is extended to at least 10
    b. In PD04 the category Training Courses is moved to the head of the list
    and the wording is changed to "Candidates are expected to continually
    develop their skills and knowledge in IT Architecture. Please list the
    activities in which you have participated in the last three years. Activity is
    required in the Training Courses category and at least 2 of the other
    categories in the table below:"

    Review Information

    Review Type SA Review
    Start Date 2013-06-05 22:27
    Last Updated 2013-06-28 16:40
    Completed 2013-06-28 16:40
    Status Complete
    Review Resolution Evaluation Process Deficiency (EPD)
    Review Conclusion The time limit in PD01 is not present in the Conformance Requirements. It
    was introduced in the Certification package template. It is agreed that the time
    limit should be removed from the Cert package templates.

    Regarding PD04, the SA sees no reason to change the conformance
    requirements or the wording in the Certification package templates

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