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Ending a Review

Before a Problem Report is resolved it is reviewed by one or more review groups in order to determine whether the submitter has identified a valid problem and whether it has been classified correctly.  Each reviewer should read the problem information provided by the submitter and consider the views of other reviewers. 

The review is performed by reviewers who consider the problem information provided by the submitter and the views of other reviewers, then register their own comments and opinions using a web interface.

When a review group has determined what the response should be to a particular report, one of the review group responders must close the review by providing the final review response. This is a public statement summarizing the findings of the review group and will be visible to all viewers of the problem report, both during the remainder of the review process and after the problem report has been published.

When responding to a problem report to conclude a review, the responder should ensure that the response indicates the conditions under which the recommendation holds, i.e. if it is a special case or can be generally applied. The reason for this is that certification applicants will be able to "cite" a problem report that has been resolved to a Interpretation of the specification (INT) to explain assessment or evaluation failures, in cases where the applicant believes the problem is due to a problem with the specification. If there are any restrictions on how the problem report may be applied in the future, they should be clearly stated in the response.

You may end a review by Viewing the Review or the Problem Report Details page and selecting the Make Final Response to End Review option.

The fields in the End Review form are shown below.


Enter your name here.

Contact Email

Enter your email address here, or a contact email address if you are responding on behalf of a group of people.


Enter the Problem Report resolution, as agreed by the reviewers in the review. In a SA (Specification Authority) review, the resolution is a recommendation to the CA (Certification Authority). In a CA preliminary review, any resolution provided is final, but if no agreement has yet been reached, No Resolution Given can be selected. In a CA Detailed/Expert Group review, a resolution must be given, but it can be given a Resolution Type of Preliminary.

The resolutions are specified below.

Resolution Codes
CSDCertification System Deficiency
INTInterpretation Issue with a specification
DUPDuplicate of Previous Problem Report
REJReport Rejected
WDNReport Withdrawn

In addtion, user defined resolution type can be specified through properties file.

Resolution Type

For Resolutions of CA Detailed/Expert Group reviews, where a resolution of some kind must be given, the resolution can be marked as Preliminary if it is still being reviewed. There will then be a new CA Detailed/Expert Group Review started, until a Final resolution is given.


Enter the Review Conclusion here as a summary. Ensure that it includes any special cases or exclusions that apply to the resolution, so that the problem report can be used to provide a generic record for future users of the Problem Reporting system to determine whether the errors they are seeing are permissible. This text will be visible to all users of the Problem Reporting system.


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