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Communicating with the Submitter

During the resolution process for a problem report there are a number of times when the submitter of the report may need to be notified about the status of the report. This is done by a Certification Authority Responder using the Notify Submitter page.

CA Preliminary Review Conclusion When the Preliminary Review has concluded, the submitter must either be notified of the resolution, or that a CA Detailed Review is required to resolve the problem.
CA Detailed Review Conclusion When a Detailed Review has concluded, the submitter must be notified of the resolution, and whether it is a Preliminary or Final resolution.
Appeal Process Conclusion When a resolution has been appealed by the submitter, and the appeal process has been concluded, the submitter must be notified of the outcome of the appeal.

In each of the above cases, the Notify Submitter page provides a template containing the text of an email that will be sent to the submitter, and a space for the CA responder to add additional text to the email, and to provide their name. When the CA responder submits the form, the email will be sent out to the submitter of the problem report.

In the case of notification of the final resolution of the report after one or more reviews, the submitter must respond to the email in order to confirm that they accept the resolution. This is done by email or other communication, but not through a web interface, since the submitter may not have a unique or secure web account that would enable them to be identified as the original submitter.


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