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Commenting in a Review

Before a Problem Report is resolved, it is reviewed by one or more review groups in order to determine whether the submitter has identified a valid problem and whether is has been classified correctly. Each reviewer should read the problem information provided by the submitter and consider the views of other reviewers. If desired, this group review can utilize the Problem Reporting system to record the comments, using a web form to associate comments in a thread that will be attached to the review record for the specific Problem Report.

You may make a comment in a review by Viewing the Review or selecting the Comment in Review option in the Problem Report Details page. The form for submitting a comment contains a field for the name of the reviewer, and a field for the comment.

Comments made in a review are only visible to the reviewers of the specified review group, not to public viewers or reviewers of other review types.

The fields in the form are shown below.


Type in your name here.


Type in your comment here. This will only be visible to Reviewers with sufficient privileges to participate in the current review.


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