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Report 0010 Actions

    Problem Report Number 0010
    Submitter's Classification Specification problem
    State SA Review
    Resolution No Resolution Given
    Problem Resolution ID No Resolution ID Given
    Raised 2010-05-24 01:07
    Requirements Open CA Accreditation Requirements Version 1.2
    Certification Program Open CA Certification Program
    Specification Open CA Accreditation Requirements Version 1.2
    Location in Spec Section 4.3.3
    Problem Summary Unclear criteria for ACP Board Member Specification
    Problem Text In the Accreditation Requirements under section 4.3.3 Selection and
    Conduct of Certification Board, the only definitive statement about the
    selection criteria for ACP Board Members is "Certification Board members
    must be Certified IT Architects, certified by The Open Group." However,
    there is no mention of a requirement that ACP Board Members must have
    been unanimously certified and unanimously approved for board

    However according to the logic provided by James Andrews (copied
    below) those requirements do exist and are applied.

    This lack of clarity could be eliminated by the addition to section 4.3.3 of
    the same wording as used for ITSC.

    "The CPM is responsible for the oversight of the nomination and
    appointment of Certification Board members against criteria no less
    stringent than those used by The Open Group."

    *** START OF COPY *********************************************

    From James Andrews.

    From the board member handbook:
    "For candidates obtaining 3 ?Yes? votes, the interviewers will be asked if
    there is a nomination of that candidate to the board pool". "The responses
    must be a unanimous ?Yes? for Candidates to be nominated."

    So this is clear in the ITAC direct certification program that this is the case.

    Now we have to look at the requirements on ACP's. In the case of the
    ITSC program conformance to the ITSC board member handbook is
    explicitly stated as a mandatory accreditation requirement. In the case of
    ITAC this is not explicitly stated. However it is implicitly required as

    Item 5 of the accreditation checklist is "The IT Architect Certification
    Program assessment criteria (Conformance Requirements and
    Certification Policy) must be instantiated within the Accredited Certification
    Program's own assessment criteria ."

    And from the ITAC Certification policy

    "ACPs are required to update their evaluation procedures and criteria
    whenever this policy or the Certification Board Member Handbook is
    updated in a way that materially affects the ACP?s evaluation procedures."

    So even though the ITAC accreditation requirements do not directly and
    explicitly state that the Board member handbook is a binding on ACP's this
    is never the less the case.

    I think it evident that the board member handbook itself is unambiguous on
    this subject, so quite apart from a legal conformity perspective the
    technical intent is clear.

    *** END OF COPY ***********************************************

    Review Information

    This review is overdue

    Review Type SA Review
    Start Date 2010-05-24 01:07
    Status Active (due to complete by 2010-06-07 01:07)

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