Submitting Problem Reports

Use the Problem Report Submission page to enter new Problem Reports into the repository. Fill in all the required fields on the page and press Submit to save the report. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for your report to be assessed and resolved. Some fields are not mandatory, depending on the classification of your problem. These are noted below.

You should only submit a problem report if you are sure that you or your organization's certification program conforms to the relevant standards, but you are unable to certify it successfully for one of the following reasons:

The fields that you fill in with personal or company information, will not be made public. Please ensure that public fields do not contain any information that could identify you, or your company. Once you have submitted your report, a confirmation page will be shown containing all public information that would be published with the problem report. If you are sure there is no confidential information shown, you can proceed to submit the report.

Please complete the mandatory portions of the Confidential Submitter Information and Public Problem Information sections. Additionally, if you classify the problem as a Specification problem, please complete the Public Specification Information. For problems classified as a Certification System Deficiency (CSD), there is no mandatory information required beyond that provided in the Public Problem Information section. Though some fields are optional, you should fill out as many fields as possible to provide a thorough description of the problem you are reporting.

Confidential Information

The confidential fields will only be visible to members of the Certification Authority, but will not be visible to other users of the Problem Reporting system.


Enter your name here, or the name of a contact person if you are submitting on behalf of a group of people.

Contact Email

Enter your email address here, or a contact email address if you are submitting on behalf of a group of people.

Company Name

Enter the name of the company or organization that you represent.

Telephone Number

Enter a telephone number which can be used in case there are urgent issues with the resolution of your problem report.

Submitter Reference

You may enter a reference identifier if you wish, which will be quoted in correspondence relating to the problem report.

Public Problem Information

Problem Classification

Please enter the classification of the problem you are raising. The options are explained in the table below.

Problem Classifications
Classification Description
Certification System problem The certification software or processes do not allow you to proceed with certification.
Specification problem There is ambiguous text in the specification, and the Certification Authority or its agents have interpreted the text in a different way than you interpreted it .
Evaluation Process problem There is an error in the Evaluation Process that does not allow you to proceed with certification.

Certification Program

The name of the Certification Program that includes the certification system, or specification to which your problem report refers.

Problem Summary

Provide a summary of the problem, containing key words. This summary is used in table listings of problem reports returned by searches, for example when another user of the Problem Reporting system is checking whether the problem the user is encountering has already been seen by someone else. Please do not include any information that would identify you or your company.

Linked Problem Reports

If you think that your problem relates to any existing problem report in the Problem Reporting system, provide the relevant report number(s) here. This will allow cross referencing between reports for reviewers and other users of the system. If you enter multiple problem report numbers, please enter them as a comma separated list.

Please be aware that you should *only* enter a problem report number in this field if you are aware of a related problem report. If no related problem report exists, or if you do not wish to enter a related problem report number, please leave this field blank.

Problem Text

Enter a full description of the problem you are encountering. Your description should be detailed enough to enable reviewers to agree or disagree with your assessment during the resolution process. It should also be presented in a way that will enable other users of the Problem Reporting system to identify whether they are seeing the same problem, when they search for resolved problem reports. Please do not include any information that would identify you, or your company.

Public Specification Information


Provide the name and version of the specification that contains the problem being reported, or which contains the references that justify your behavior. If you are not reporting a specification problem, this field is optional.

Location in Specification

Provide a reference to the location in the specification to which your problem or justification refers.


Select the applicable Requirements Document to which your problem refers.

PR Number

Provide PR Number that you would like to copy from.