Viewing Problem Report Review Details

The Problem Report Review Details page lets you view all the information relating to a review for which you are a reviewer or responder. It also lets you carry out any actions that you are authorized perform relating to the review. The following actions and information are available.

Reviewer Actions

Add a Comment

If the review is active, you may add a comment to the record of comments associated with the review by clicking the Add a Comment link. This is a link to a form at the bottom of the page.

Make Final Response To End Review

If the review is active and you are a responder for the review, you may end the review with a final response by clicking the Make Final Response to End Review link.

Review Details

Review Type

The type of the review, which is one of the following:

Review Types
CA Preliminary Review The Certification Authority Preliminary Review, which occurs for every Problem Report submitted. If this review is conclusive then the Problem Report is referred back to the submitter. If it is inconclusive then the submitter will be notified and a CA Detailed Review will begin.
SA Review The Specification Authority Review, which occurs for problems which are classified as Interpretation System problem by the submitter. The conclusion of the SA Review is used as a recommendation in the following CA Preliminary Review.
CA Detailed/Expert Group Review The Certification Authority Detailed Review, or expert Group review, which occurs if the CA Preliminary Review was inconclusive. The CA Detailed/Expert Group Review must supply a resolution, but it may be marked as Preliminary, in which case a further Review will occur in order to obtain a Final resolution.

Start Date

The date on which the review started.


The date on which the review completed, if it is complete.


The status of the review - either Active or Complete. If it is active, the due date for completion will be shown.


The name and email address of the responder who closed the review.

Review Resolution

The review resolution is shown, if one has been assigned. Review resolutions for SA Reviews are provided as recommendations to the CA Review. Any resolution from the CA Preliminary Review is Final. Any CA Detailed Review/Expert Group will have a resolution that may be either Preliminary of Final, as indicated in the Problem Report main details.

Review Conclusion

The Review Conclusion is shown. This will include any special cases or exclusions that apply to the resolution, and can be used to provide a generic record of when/where citing of the reported problem is permissible.

Discussion Comments

If the viewer is in the review group associated with the review, the viewer will see a table of comments made in the review discussions, giving date, reviewer name and comment.