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G163A Pocket Guide to the ArchiMate® 3.0.1 Specification
C179ArchiMate® 3.0.1 Specification
C171The Open Group IT4IT™ Reference Architecture, Version 2.1
G169O-TTPS for ICT Product Integrity and Supply Chain Security
C165Base Specifications, Issue 7, 2016 Edition
C162ArchiMate® 3.0 Specification
B163IT4IT™ Foundation Practice Tests
G160IT4IT™ for Managing the Business of IT
C155The Open Group IT4IT™ Reference Architecture, Version 2.0
G154A Pocket Guide to the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture, Version 2.0
G144A Pocket Guide to the Open FAIR Body of Knowledge
G137A Pocket Guide to ArchiMate® 2.1
C13LArchiMate® 2.1 Specification
G116TOGAF® Version 9.1
G117TOGAF® Version 9.1: A Pocket Guide
G114Cloud Computing for Business
G112Open Enterprise Security Architecture (O-ESA)
B092TOGAF® 9 Part 1 Practice Test
C091ArchiMate® 1.0 Specification
G092TOGAF® Version 9: A Pocket Guide
I094MArchiMate® 1.0 (Annual Member License)
W072TOGAF® and COBIT (Part I)
W072ATOGAF® and COBIT (Part II)
W073TOGAF® ADM/MDA Synergy Project
I061MTOGAF® Version 8.1.1 (Annual Member License)
G052Guide to Digital Rights Management
G044Introduction to Security Design Patterns
G041Single UNIX® Specification, Authorized Guide to Version 3
C046Base Definitions (XBD), Issue 6, 2004 Edition
C047System Interfaces (XSH), Issue 6, 2004 Edition
C048Shell and Utilities (XCU), Issue 6, 2004 Edition
C049Rationale [Informative] (XRAT), Issue 6, 2004 Edition
G031Security Design Patterns
G034Manager's Guide to Coping with Spam
G033Manager's Guide to Data Privacy
G032UNIX® Internationalization Guide
G260Secure Messaging Toolkit
G250Manager's Guide to Information Security
I011MTOGAF® Version 7 (Annual Member License)
W012Standardization Priorities for the Directory
C014Application Response Measurement (ARM) Issue 3.0 (Java Binding)
W902Assuring Interoperability for the Directory-Enabled Enterprise
C802Inter-Domain Management: Specification & Interaction Translation
C808Networking Services, Issue 5.2
C810Transport Provider Interface (TPI), Version 2
C811Data Link Provider Interface (DLPI) Version 2
C908Authorization (AZN) API
X99DILDAP 2000
C910Application Instrumentation & Control API (AIC), Version 1.0
C903X Window System (X11R6): Protocol
C806Software License Use Management (XSLM)
G801Architecture for Public-Key Infrastructure (APKI)
C809Resource Reservation Setup Protocol API (RAPI)
C807Application Response Measurement (ARM)
C425Systems Management: Backup Services API (XBSA)
C702Protocols for Interworking: XNFS, Version 3W
C701Systems Management: Distributed Software Administration (XDSA)
X982The Open Brand Trademark License Agreement (TMLA) January 1998
F201DCE 1.2.2 Introduction to OSF DCE
F202DCE 1.2.2 Application Development: Introduction and Style Guide
F203ADCE 1.2.2 Application Development Guide: Core Components Volume 1
F203BDCE 1.2.2 Application Development Guide: Core Components Volume 2
F204DCE 1.2.2 Application Development Guide: Directory Services
F205ADCE 1.2.2 Application Development Reference Volume 1
F205BDCE 1.2.2 Application Development Reference Volume 2
F205CDCE 1.2.2 Application Development Reference Volume 3
F207DCE 1.2.2 Administration Guide: Introduction
F208DCE 1.2.2 Administration Guide: Core Components
F209ADCE 1.2.2 DFS Administration Guide and Reference Volume 1
F209BDCE 1.2.2 DFS Administration Guide and Reference Volume 2
F210DCE 1.2.2 File-Access FVT User's Guide
F211DCE 1.2.2 GDS Administration Guide and Reference
F212DCE 1.2.2 DCE Command Reference
F213ADCE 1.2.2 Problem Determination Guide Volume 1
F213BDCE 1.2.2 Problem Determination Guide Volume 2
F215DCE 1.2.2 Testing Guide
F216DCE 1.2.2 File-Access Administration Guide & Reference
F217DCE 1.2.2 File-Access User's Guide
F218DCE 1.2.2 Release Notes
C423Systems Management: Common Management Facilities (XCMF)
M021CDE 2.1/Motif 2.1 User's Guide
M022CDE 2.1 - System Manager's Guide
M023CDE 2.1 - Programmer's Overview and Guide
M024ACDE 2.1 - Programmer's Reference, Volume 1
M024BCDE 2.1 - Programmer's Reference, Volume 2
M024CCDE 2.1 - Programmer's Reference, Volume 3
M026CDE 2.1 - Application Developer's Guide
M027CDE 2.1/Motif 2.1 – Style Guide and Glossary
M028CDE 2.1/Motif 2.1 – Style Guide Certification Check List
M029CDE 2.1/Motif 2.1 – Style Guide Reference
M213Motif 2.1 - Programmer's Guide
M214AMotif 2.1 - Programmer's Reference, Volume 1
M214BMotif 2.1 - Programmer's Reference, Volume 2
M214CMotif 2.1 - Programmer's Reference, Volume 3
M216Motif 2.1 - Widget Writer's Guide
C311DCE 1.1: Authentication and Security Services
C705DCE 1.1: Directory Services
C706DCE 1.1: Remote Procedure Call
P701Systems Management: Topology Service
C430Distributed Software Administration: DCE Interoperability
C523Networking Services, Issue 5
E605Security in Federated Naming
C427Systems Management: Universal Measurement Architecture (UMA)
C429Systems Management: Data Storage Management (XDSM) API
C616Portable Layout Services: Context-dependent and Directional Text
P437Systems Management: Event Management Service (XEMS)
P441Distributed Audit Service (XDAS)
P409DCE 1.1: Distributed File Service
C607OSI-Abstract-Data Manipulation API (XOM), Issue 3
C608API to Directory Services (XDS), Issue 3
C609API to Electronic Mail (X.400), Issue 3
P442Generic Cryptographic Service API (GCS-API) Base
C449Data Management: Structured Query Language (SQL), Version 2
G504Distributed Transaction Processing: Reference Model, Version 3
C520Multiprotocol Transport Networking (XMPTN): Address Mapper
C521Multiprotocol Transport Networking (XMPTN): Access Node
C522Multiprotocol Transport Networking (XMPTN): Data Formats
E501Desktop Internationalisation
G506Multiprotocol Transport Networking (MPTN) Architecture, Version 2
G508Architecture Neutral Distribution Format (XANDF)
P524XTI - SPX/IPX Transport Provider
P527Architecture Neutral Distribution Format (XANDF)
C441Generic Security Service API (GSS-API) Base
C529X/Open Baseline Security Services (XBSS)
C411X.25 Programming Interface using XTI (XX25)
E508Manageability of Interworking Specifications
C415FTAM High-level API (XFTAM), Version 2
C502Systems Management: GDMO to XOM Translation Algorithm
G505Data Management: Reference Model
P502Common Object Services, Volume 2
P521Systems Management: File System and Scheduling Utilities (FSSU)
C403Federated Naming: The XFN Specification
E503Desktop Security
C507Window Management (X11R5): X Window System Protocol
C508Window Management (X11R5): Xlib – C Language Binding
C509Window Management (X11R5): X Toolkit Intrinsics
C510Window Management (X11R5): File Formats & Appl. Conventions
G502Locale Registry Procedures, Version 2
C320Motif Toolkit API
C321Calendaring and Scheduling API (XCS)
C323XCDE Services and Applications
C324XCDE Definitions and Infrastructure
C451Data Management: SQL Call Level Interface (CLI)
C501File System Safe UCS Transformation Format (UTF-8)
C504Distributed TP: The TX (Transaction Demarcation) Specification
C408Remote Operations Service Element (XAP-ROSE) API
E408Internationalisation of X/Open Specifications
S503Distributed Internationalisation Framework
E403Security in Interworking Specifications
G410Distributed Security Framework (XDSF)
S308Distributed Internationalisation Services, Version 2
C310DCE 1.1: Time Services
S426Systems Management: Manageability Guidelines
C306Systems Management: Management Protocols API (XMP)
C317API to Directory Services (XDS), Issue 2
E401Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Char. Set Coexistence & Migration
E402Getting into Objects
C315OSI-Abstract-Data Manipulation API (XOM), Issue 2
C316API to Electronic Mail (X.400), Issue 2
S307GSS-API Security Attribute and Delegation Extensions
C206Management Protocol Profiles (XMPP)
C303ACSE/Presentation Services API (XAP)
G207Systems Management: Reference Model
G302Systems Management: Managed Object Guide (XMOG)
C307Data Management: SQL Remote Database Access
G304Internationalization Guide, Version 2
C305Message Store API
J301RDA Mapping for TCP/IP
G211ISO and Internet Management: Coexistence and Interworking
G212Distributed Computing Services (XDCS) Framework
C209Protocols for X/Open PC Interworking: SMB, Version 2
G206Defining and Buying Secure Open Systems
P217Document Interchange Formats
S209Document Interchange Reference Model
C193Distributed TP: The XA Specification
P150EDI Messaging Package (XEDI)
C192COBOL Language
G110Guide to the Internet Protocol Suite
S020Security Interface Specifications: Auditing and Authentication
G092CTOGAF® Version 9: Pocket Guide (Simplified Chinese Edition)
G117FTOGAF® Version 9.1 – Guide de Poche
G171A Pocket Guide to the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture, Version 2.1
B178IT4IT™ Foundation Practice Tests, Version 1.1
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