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W171BPUsing the TOGAF® 9.1 Framework with the ArchiMate® 3.0 Modeling Language (Brazilian Translation)
W168An Introduction to the ArchiMate® 3.0.1 Specification
W179Using the ArchiMate® Modeling Language with BMM™
W175Understanding the Basics – An Introduction to the ArchiMate® Modeling Language, Version 3.0
W172Modeling Enterprise Risk Management and Security with the ArchiMate® Language
W173Using the TOGAF® 9.1 Architecture Content Framework with the ArchiMate® 3.0 Modeling Language
W171Using the TOGAF® 9.1 Framework with the ArchiMate® 3.0 Modeling Language
W155Using the TOGAF® 9.1 Framework with the ArchiMate® 2.1 Modeling Language
W150Modeling Enterprise Risk Management and Security with the ArchiMate® Language
W134Using the ArchiMate® Language with UML®
W130ArchiMate® 2.0 – Understanding the Basics
W12BModeling the Insurance Enterprise
W129Using the TOGAF® 9.1 Architecture Content Framework with the ArchiMate® 2.0 Modeling Language
W121An Introduction to ArchiMate® 2.0
W111ArchiMate® Extension for Modeling the TOGAF® Implementation and Migration Phases
W101Supporting Requirements Management in TOGAF® and ArchiMate®
W192TOGAF® and ArchiMate®: A Future Together


W178World-Class EA: Governors’ Approach to Developing and Exercising an Enterprise Architecture Governance Capability
W16CCapability-Based Planning
W16BArchitecture Project Management
W151How about Strategy?
W14EIT Architecture and Design Patterns/Assets: An Initial Assessment
W14CTOGAF® Framework and ArchiMate® Modeling Language Harmonization: A Practitioner’s Guide to Using the TOGAF® Framework and the ArchiMate® Language
W14DTOGAF® Framework and ArchiMate® Modeling Language Harmonization: Content Metamodel Harmonization: Entitles and Relationships
W14ATOGAF® Framework and ArchiMate® Modeling Language Harmonization: Glossaries Comparison
W14BTOGAF® Framework and ArchiMate® Modeling Language Harmonization: Viewpoints Mapping
W146World-Class EA: Business Reference Model
W123World-Class EA: The Agile Enterprise
W122World-Class EA: Using Architecture to Contract Cloud Services
W112Emerging Information Technology (EIT) Strategic Analysis Framework
W102World-Class Enterprise Architecture
W103World-Class EA: Framework Guidance & TOGAF® 9 Example
W193Governance in IT and Architecture
W098Non-Functional Requirements (NFR) Framework
W076Why does Enterprise Architecture Matter?
W078Enterprise Architecture and IT Service Management
W081The Role of Cisco SONA in EA Frameworks & Strategies
W043Business Executive's Guide to IT Architecture

Boundaryless Information Flow

W044Approaches to Boundaryless Information Flow™ Architecture
W033Boundaryless Information Flow™ Reference Architecture
W201An Introduction to Boundaryless Information Flow™
W202Open Standards in the Field of Boundaryless Information Flow™


W042Preventing IT Earthquakes

Cloud Computing

W116An Architectural View of Security for Cloud
W115Cloud Computing Explained
W107Cloud Buyers' Decision Tree
W108Cloud Buyers' Requirements Questionnaire, Version 1.0
W106Strengthening your Business Case for Using Cloud
W104Building Return on Investment from Cloud Computing

Digital Business

W17CThe Seven Levers of Digital Transformation: An Overview
W17DThe Seven Levers of Digital Transformation
W17ATowards a Digital Professional Body of Knowledge
W170Digital Transformation Strategy to Implementation using The Open Group Standards
W166Customer Experience-Driven Enterprise Architecture: How to Revitalize your DSP Business
W165A Framework for Digital Customer Experience


W012Standardization Priorities for the Directory

Distributed Computing Support

W802Distributed Computing for the Extended Enterprise


W16AAdvancing Healthcare Interoperability
W163Healthcare Interoperability
W153Enhancing Health Information Exchange with the FHIM


W17BDefining the IT Operating Model
W164IT4IT™ Service-Level Management (SLM) Scenario
W162IT4IT™ Agile Scenario
W161Defining “IT Service” for the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture

Identity Management

W041Identity Management
W902Assuring Interoperability for the Directory-Enabled Enterprise

Internet of Things (IoT)

W16DReference Architectures and Open Group Standards for the Internet of Things
W167An Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT) and Lifecycle Management

Jericho Forum

W125Jericho Forum® Identity Commandments
W126Jericho Forum® Cloud Cube Model
W124Jericho Forum® Commandments
W127Jericho Forum® Business Rationale for De-Perimeterization
W128Jericho Forum® Trust and Co-operation


W032LDAP Certified: Consistent Results for LDAP Customers

Lifecycle Management

W12AAn Introduction to Quantum Lifecycle Management (QLM)

Network Computing

W801Network Computing – A New Business Paradigm

Open CA

W053The Open Group IT Architect Certification Program
W051The Open Group IT Architect Certification Program (Summary)


W079The Open Group IT Specialist Certification Program


W177Open FAIR™ – STIX™ Integration
W148An Introduction to the Open FAIR Body of Knowledge

Open Platform 3.0

W147Open Platform 3.0™
W145The Nexus of Forces in Action


W169Microservices Architecture
W149SOA for Business Technology: A Snapshot of Current Findings
W119Security Principles for Cloud and SOA
W096Navigating the SOA Open Standards Landscape Around Architecture
W074Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)


W176Putting Open FAIR™ Risk Analysis Into Action
W154IT Risk Management Survey Summary
W152Best Practices for Security in Cloud Adoption by Indian Banks
W143The Need for Data Principles
W142Protecting Information: Steps for a Secure Data Future
W141Managing Network Entities in a Collaborative World
W140Smart Data for Secure Business Collaboration
W137Information Security Management (20 CSC)
W133Information Security Management (O-ISM3, TOGAF®, and SABSA®)
W117TOGAF® and SABSA® Integration
W075Information Security Strategy, Version 1.0
W031Intrusion Attack and Response Workshop (inc. Full Script)
W031AIntrusion Attack and Response Workshop


W174World-Class EA: A Practitioners’ Approach to Developing Enterprise Architecture Following the TOGAF® ADM
W160World-Class EA: A Leader’s Approach to Establishing and Evolving an EA Capability
W156Promoting and Protecting the TOGAF® Ecosystem
W136TOGAF®, an Open Group Standard, and Enterprise Architecture Requirements
W135Integrating the TOGAF® Standard with the BIAN Service Landscape
W132An Information Architecture Vision: Moving from Data Rich to Information Smart
W118An Introduction to TOGAF® 9.1
W114Exploring Synergies between TOGAF® and Frameworx
W109Motivation, Principles, and Requirements in TOGAF®
W105TOGAF® 9 and DoDAF 2.0
W099Making the Business Case in TOGAF® 9
W094TOGAF® Version 9 Enterprise Edition: Introduction
W095TOGAF® Version 9 Enterprise Edition: Migration Overview
W077TOGAF® ADM/MDA Synergy Project (Final Report)
W072TOGAF® and COBIT (Part I)
W072ATOGAF® and COBIT (Part II)
W073TOGAF® ADM/MDA Synergy Project
W061TOGAF® and the US Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF)
W055Guide to Security Architecture in the TOGAF® ADM
W054TOGAF®/MDA Mapping

Trusted Technology

W157Open Trusted Technology Provider™ Framework (O-TTPF)
The Open Group
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