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Subject : Corrigenda


U062Application Response Measurement (ARM) Issue 4.0 V2 (C Binding)
U063Application Response Measurement (ARM) Issue 4.0 V2 (Java Binding)

Subject : Enterprise Management

Certification Product Standards

X98ADSoftware Administration

Preliminary Specifications

P701Systems Management: Topology Service
P437Systems Management: Event Management Service (XEMS)
P521Systems Management: File System and Scheduling Utilities (FSSU)


S426Systems Management: Manageability Guidelines


C161Systems Management: Common Manageability Programming Interface (CMPI), Issue 2, Version 1
C071Application Response Measurement (ARM) Issue 4.1 V1 (C Binding)
C072Application Response Measurement (ARM) Issue 4.1 V1 (Java Binding)
C041Application Response Measurement (ARM) Issue 4.0 V2 (C Binding)
C042Application Response Measurement (ARM) Issue 4.0 V2 (Java Binding)
C014Application Response Measurement (ARM) Issue 3.0 (Java Binding)
C802Inter-Domain Management: Specification & Interaction Translation
C910Application Instrumentation & Control API (AIC), Version 1.0
C806Software License Use Management (XSLM)
C807Application Response Measurement (ARM)
C425Systems Management: Backup Services API (XBSA)
C701Systems Management: Distributed Software Administration (XDSA)
C423Systems Management: Common Management Facilities (XCMF)
C430Distributed Software Administration: DCE Interoperability
C427Systems Management: Universal Measurement Architecture (UMA)
C429Systems Management: Data Storage Management (XDSM) API
C502Systems Management: GDMO to XOM Translation Algorithm
C306Systems Management: Management Protocols API (XMP)
C206Management Protocol Profiles (XMPP)

Technical Guides

G045SLA Management Handbook
G207Systems Management: Reference Model
G302Systems Management: Managed Object Guide (XMOG)
G211ISO and Internet Management: Coexistence and Interworking
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