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Subject : General


D160The Open Group Blog Volume 3 Issue 1
D150The Open Group Blog Volume 2 Issue 1
D140The Open Group Blog Volume 1 Issue 6
D130The Open Group Blog Volume 1 Issue 5
D122The Open Group Blog Volume 1 Issue 4
D121The Open Group Blog Volume 1 Issue 3

Subject : Interworking


C523Networking Services, Issue 5

Subject : Operating System Services

Certification Product Standards

X98CUCommands and Utilities
X98CVCommands and Utilities V2
X98CWCommands and Utilities V3
X98LLC Language
X98SCInternationalized System Calls and Libraries
X98SEInternationalized System Calls and Libraries Extended
X98SIInternationalized System Calls and Libraries Extended V2
X98XCBase 95
X98XEUNIX 98 Server
X98XWUNIX 98 Workstation


C094X/Open Curses, Issue 7
C048Shell and Utilities (XCU), Issue 6, 2004 Edition
C604Commands and Utilities, Issue 5
C605System Interface Definitions, Issue 5
C606System Interfaces and Headers, Issue 5 [2 Volumes]
C610X/Open Curses, Issue 4, Version 2
C434System Interface Definitions, Issue 4, Version 2
C435System Interfaces and Headers, Issue 4, Version 2
C436Commands and Utilities, Issue 4, Version 2

Subject : Single UNIX Specification

Certification Product Standards

X1201UNIX® V7
X1202Internationalized System Calls and Libraries Extended V4
X1203Commands and Utilities V5
X1204C Language V2
X04XYUNIX 03 Server
X03CXCommands and Utilities V4
X03SDInternationalized System Calls and Libraries Extended V3

Document Set

T101Single UNIX® Specification, Version 4, 2016 Edition
T912Single UNIX® Specification, Version 2, 1998 Edition
T907Single UNIX® Specification, Version 1, 1995 Edition


N900UNIX® License Plate (Limited stock available)


C165Base Specifications, Issue 7, 2016 Edition
C062Extended API Set, Part 1
C063Extended API Set, Part 2
C064Extended API Set, Part 3
C065Extended API Set, Part 4
C046Base Definitions (XBD), Issue 6, 2004 Edition
C047System Interfaces (XSH), Issue 6, 2004 Edition
C049Rationale [Informative] (XRAT), Issue 6, 2004 Edition

Technical Guides

G101The Single UNIX® Specification: Authorized Guide to Version 4
G041Single UNIX® Specification, Authorized Guide to Version 3
G032UNIX® Internationalization Guide
G501XPG3-XPG4 Base Migration Guide, Version 2

Subject : User Interface

Certification Product Standards

X1205Internationalized Terminal Interfaces V2
X98UUInternationalized Terminal Interfaces
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