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Subject : Cloud Computing


D112The Open Group Blog Cloud/SOA Articles


G136Cloud Performance Metrics
G135Cloud Computing Portability and Interoperability
G123Maximizing the Value of Cloud for Small-Medium Enterprises
G114Cloud Computing for Business


R110The Open Group Cloud Computing Survey
R091Cloud Computing Business Scenario Workshop


S162Cloud Computing Governance Framework


C141The Open Group Cloud Ecosystem Reference Model


D014Highlighting the Cloud at The Open Group Conference, San Diego

White Papers

W116An Architectural View of Security for Cloud
W115Cloud Computing Explained
W107Cloud Buyers' Decision Tree
W108Cloud Buyers' Requirements Questionnaire, Version 1.0
W106Strengthening your Business Case for Using Cloud
W104Building Return on Investment from Cloud Computing

Subject : General


D160The Open Group Blog Volume 3 Issue 1
D150The Open Group Blog Volume 2 Issue 1
D140The Open Group Blog Volume 1 Issue 6
D130The Open Group Blog Volume 1 Issue 5
D122The Open Group Blog Volume 1 Issue 4
D121The Open Group Blog Volume 1 Issue 3
D113The Open Group Blog Volume 1 Issue 2
D111The Open Group Blog Volume 1 Issue 1
D111KThe Open Group Blog Volume 1 Issue 1 (Kindle Edition)

Subject : SOA


C120Service-Oriented Cloud Computing Infrastructure (SOCCI) Framework


D007The Open Group Service Integration Maturity Model (OSIMM)

White Papers

W119Security Principles for Cloud and SOA

Subject : Security

White Papers

W152Best Practices for Security in Cloud Adoption by Indian Banks
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