The following publications are currently available.

1-85912-009-1C316 API to Electronic Mail (X.400), Issue 2
1-85912-018-0C206 Management Protocol Profiles (XMPP)
1-85912-026-1S307 GSS-API Security Attribute and Delegation Extensions
1-85912-031-8E401 Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Char. Set Coexistence & Migration
1-85912-032-6E402 Getting into Objects
1-85912-033-4S308 Distributed Internationalisation Services, Version 2
1-85912-046-6S423 Distributed TP: The XA+ Specification, Version 2
1-85912-051-2E403 Security in Interworking Specifications
1-85912-070-9C324 XCDE Definitions and Infrastructure
1-85912-076-8C321 Calendaring and Scheduling API (XCS)
1-85912-079-2S503 Distributed Internationalisation Framework
1-85912-080-6E408 Internationalisation of X/Open Specifications
1-85912-125-XP502 Common Object Services, Volume 2
1-85912-127-6P701 Systems Management: Topology Service
1-85912-132-2P437 Systems Management: Event Management Service (XEMS)
1-85912-139-XP441 Distributed Audit Service (XDAS)
1-85912-145-4P521 Systems Management: File System and Scheduling Utilities (FSSU)
1-85912-176-4C611 Structured Transaction Definition Language (STDL)
1-85912-185-3C609 API to Electronic Mail (X.400), Issue 3
1-85912-195-0P442 Generic Cryptographic Service API (GCS-API) Base
1-85912-251-5C811 Data Link Provider Interface (DLPI) Version 2
1-85912-275-2X982 The Open Brand Trademark License Agreement (TMLA) January 1998
1-87263-024-3C193 Distributed TP: The XA Specification
1-87263-025-1P150 EDI Messaging Package (XEDI)
1-87263-045-6C209 Protocols for X/Open PC Interworking: SMB, Version 2
1-87263-051-0P217 Document Interchange Formats
1-87263-067-7G211 ISO and Internet Management: Coexistence and Interworking
1-87263-083-9C305 Message Store API
1-87263-084-7J301 RDA Mapping for TCP/IP
1859120024G304 Internationalization Guide, Version 2
1859120059G207 Systems Management: Reference Model
1859120067G302 Systems Management: Managed Object Guide (XMOG)
1859120075C317 API to Directory Services (XDS), Issue 2
1859120083C315 OSI-Abstract-Data Manipulation API (XOM), Issue 2
1859120245C320 Motif Toolkit API
185912027XC306 Systems Management: Management Protocols API (XMP)
1859120342C436 Commands and Utilities, Issue 4, Version 2
1859120369C434 System Interface Definitions, Issue 4, Version 2
1859120377C435 System Interfaces and Headers, Issue 4, Version 2
1859120490C438 Networking Services, Issue 4
1859120520C403 Federated Naming: The XFN Specification
1859120601C408 Remote Operations Service Element (XAP-ROSE) API
1859120679C310 DCE 1.1: Time Services
1859120717G410 Distributed Security Framework (XDSF)
1859120741C323 XCDE Services and Applications
1859120814C451 Data Management: SQL Call Level Interface (CLI)
1859120822C501 File System Safe UCS Transformation Format (UTF-8)
1859120857T907 Single UNIX® Specification, Version 1, 1995 Edition
1859120873C507 Window Management (X11R5): X Window System Protocol
1859120881C508 Window Management (X11R5): Xlib – C Language Binding
185912089XC509 Window Management (X11R5): X Toolkit Intrinsics
1859120903C510 Window Management (X11R5): File Formats & Appl. Conventions
1859120911C409 ACSE/Presentation: Transaction Processing API (XAP-TP)
185912092XC415 FTAM High-level API (XFTAM), Version 2
1859120946C504 Distributed TP: The TX (Transaction Demarcation) Specification
1859121004C411 X.25 Programming Interface using XTI (XX25)
1859121012C520 Multiprotocol Transport Networking (XMPTN): Address Mapper
1859121039F205A DCE 1.2.2 Application Development Reference Volume 1
1859121047M027 CDE 2.1/Motif 2.1 – Style Guide and Glossary
1859121063C521 Multiprotocol Transport Networking (XMPTN): Access Node
185912108XF205B DCE 1.2.2 Application Development Reference Volume 2
1859121098M028 CDE 2.1/Motif 2.1 – Style Guide Certification Check List
185912111XC522 Multiprotocol Transport Networking (XMPTN): Data Formats
1859121136F207 DCE 1.2.2 Administration Guide: Introduction
1859121144M029 CDE 2.1/Motif 2.1 – Style Guide Reference
1859121152C505 Distributed TP: The TxRPC Specification
1859121160G506 Multiprotocol Transport Networking (MPTN) Architecture, Version 2
1859121179C427 Systems Management: Universal Measurement Architecture (UMA)
1859121187F208 DCE 1.2.2 Administration Guide: Core Components
1859121195M214A Motif 2.1 - Programmer's Reference, Volume 1
1859121233F209A DCE 1.2.2 DFS Administration Guide and Reference Volume 1
1859121241M214B Motif 2.1 - Programmer's Reference, Volume 2
1859121268C502 Systems Management: GDMO to XOM Translation Algorithm
1859121284F209B DCE 1.2.2 DFS Administration Guide and Reference Volume 2
1859121292M216 Motif 2.1 - Widget Writer's Guide
1859121306C506 Distributed TP: The XATMI Specification
1859121314C441 Generic Security Service API (GSS-API) Base
1859121330F211 DCE 1.2.2 GDS Administration Guide and Reference
1859121349M213 Motif 2.1 - Programmer's Guide
1859121357C419 Distributed TP: The XCPI-C Specification, Version 2
1859121365C529 X/Open Baseline Security Services (XBSS)
1859121373C430 Distributed Software Administration: DCE Interoperability
1859121381F212 DCE 1.2.2 DCE Command Reference
1859121411G508 Architecture Neutral Distribution Format (XANDF)
185912142XC616 Portable Layout Services: Context-dependent and Directional Text
1859121438F213A DCE 1.2.2 Problem Determination Guide Volume 1
1859121446P702 X/Open Single Sign-On Service (XSSO) - Pluggable Authentication
1859121462P527 Architecture Neutral Distribution Format (XANDF)
1859121489F213B DCE 1.2.2 Problem Determination Guide Volume 2
1859121497C701 Systems Management: Distributed Software Administration (XDSA)
1859121519C449 Data Management: Structured Query Language (SQL), Version 2
1859121535F215 DCE 1.2.2 Testing Guide
1859121543F203B DCE 1.2.2 Application Development Guide: Core Components Volume 2
1859121551G505 Data Management: Reference Model
185912156XG501 XPG3-XPG4 Base Migration Guide, Version 2
1859121586F216 DCE 1.2.2 File-Access Administration Guide & Reference
1859121594F205C DCE 1.2.2 Application Development Reference Volume 3
1859121632F217 DCE 1.2.2 File-Access User's Guide
1859121640M214C Motif 2.1 - Programmer's Reference, Volume 3
1859121659C523 Networking Services, Issue 5
1859121683F218 DCE 1.2.2 Release Notes
1859121691M024C CDE 2.1 - Programmer's Reference, Volume 3
1859121705G504 Distributed Transaction Processing: Reference Model, Version 3
1859121713C610 X/Open Curses, Issue 4, Version 2
185912173XM021 CDE 2.1/Motif 2.1 User's Guide
1859121748C423 Systems Management: Common Management Facilities (XCMF)
1859121756C607 OSI-Abstract-Data Manipulation API (XOM), Issue 3
1859121780M022 CDE 2.1 - System Manager's Guide
1859121799C425 Systems Management: Backup Services API (XBSA)
1859121802C608 API to Directory Services (XDS), Issue 3
1859121810C606 System Interfaces and Headers, Issue 5 [2 Volumes]
1859121829F201 DCE 1.2.2 Introduction to OSF DCE
1859121837M023 CDE 2.1 - Programmer's Overview and Guide
1859121845C702 Protocols for Interworking: XNFS, Version 3W
1859121861C605 System Interface Definitions, Issue 5
185912187XF202 DCE 1.2.2 Application Development: Introduction and Style Guide
1859121888M024A CDE 2.1 - Programmer's Reference, Volume 1
1859121896F210 DCE 1.2.2 File-Access FVT User's Guide
185912190XC429 Systems Management: Data Storage Management (XDSM) API
1859121918C604 Commands and Utilities, Issue 5
1859121926F203A DCE 1.2.2 Application Development Guide: Core Components Volume 1
1859121934M024B CDE 2.1 - Programmer's Reference, Volume 2
1859121977F204 DCE 1.2.2 Application Development Guide: Directory Services
1859121985M026 CDE 2.1 - Application Developer's Guide
1859122027C914 Common Security: CDSA and CSSM, Version 2 (with corrigenda)
1859122116C807 Application Response Measurement (ARM)
1859122175C012 Nostro Account Access
1859122213G801 Architecture for Public-Key Infrastructure (APKI)
1859122221K011 Directory in the Key Management Infrastructure
1859122264C809 Resource Reservation Setup Protocol API (RAPI)
1859122272G905 CDSA Explained, Second Edition
1859122329C014 Application Response Measurement (ARM) Issue 3.0 (Java Binding)
1859122418C808 Networking Services, Issue 5.2
1859122426G250 Manager's Guide to Information Security
1859122469C810 Transport Provider Interface (TPI), Version 2
1859122566C802 Inter-Domain Management: Specification & Interaction Translation
1859122663C908 Authorization (AZN) API
1859122671W012 Standardization Priorities for the Directory
1859122701C806 Software License Use Management (XSLM)
1859122760C910 Application Instrumentation & Control API (AIC), Version 1.0
1859122817G902 Beyond the Contract
1859122868G903 Improving IT Purchasing
1872630081G110 Guide to the Internet Protocol Suite
187263009XC192 COBOL Language
1872630286C195 IPC Mechanisms for SMB
1872630502S209 Document Interchange Reference Model
1872630618G206 Defining and Buying Secure Open Systems
1872630642G212 Distributed Computing Services (XDCS) Framework
187263091XC303 ACSE/Presentation Services API (XAP)
1872630987C307 Data Management: SQL Remote Database Access
1931624437C046 Base Definitions (XBD), Issue 6, 2004 Edition
1931624445C047 System Interfaces (XSH), Issue 6, 2004 Edition
1931624453C048 Shell and Utilities (XCU), Issue 6, 2004 Edition
1931624461C049 Rationale [Informative] (XRAT), Issue 6, 2004 Edition
9789087530952G073v TOGAF® Version 8.1.1 Enterprise Edition: A Pocket Guide
9789087532314B094 TOGAF® 9 Foundation Study Guide
9789087532321G092 TOGAF® Version 9: A Pocket Guide
9789087535353G092F TOGAF® Version 9: Guide de Poche (French)
9789087535810G092D TOGAF® Version 9: Ein Pocket Guide (German)
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